Don't try to save a buck on Bone Broth!

Bone Broth- spend the extra money for a reputable brand! 

At some point or another, you may have heard or read about the benefits of bone broth for ourselves and our pets.  While I agree that bone broth is most definitely a healthy choice, I would argue that it is only beneficial to us if the brands we are consuming come from manufactures with integrity.  Obviously we know what the word integrity means but what exactly does integrity look like when it comes to bone broth? 

Here are some important points to consider when you are trying to choose a brand for your FURRY friend!

-Is it made for pets? Many bone broths on the market are intended for human consumption so there could be ingredients in the product that don’t mix well with pets like onion.  Or lots of root veggies which means more unnecessary carbs and calories.

-Who is manufacturing your product? Always pick a small local manufacturer when possible!

-Are they mass producing the bone broth with very little care or concern for sourcing?  This leads to a product that is deficient in vitamins and minerals and has very little health benefits. You want bones from animals that are raised humanely, grass fed and maybe even grass finished.  

-How long is the broth cooked for and at what temperature?  Ideally, you want a company who is into low and slow to preserve the integrity of the ingredients.  If they don’t talk about it on their packaging, you can reach out to them via email and ask! High heat damages the precious collagen that makes bone broth nutritious.

I am quick to assume that almost everybody knows that “you get what you pay for” but in todays world with prices rising and inflation at an all time high, we are quick to look for a bargain as a consumer.  Do yourself a favor, and don’t try to save a buck on broth for your pets! Or anything else for that matter. They will thank you and repay you with lots of wet kisses and increased longevity! 

Brand we support at Pet Power: 

We currently stock Crude Carnivore.  Women owned and operated by a passionate animal lover named Flo.  We have it shipped all the way from Carbondale, IL.  Although this doesn’t do much to decrease our carbon footprint, it just goes to show you how COMMITTED we are to sourcing the best of the best!  They have 5 protein options including chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, and beef.  They are limited ingredient and only source from farms where they have visited and know the owner and processes of raising the animal.  It’s truly small batch.  Unfortunately this term is misused on a regular basis.  Flo’s batches are so small they only fill about 20 bottles when it’s all said and done! 

Benefits of Bone Broth:

Liver support, itchy skin relief, easier digestion, building a better bowl, joint support and many many more!