Dairy for Dogs- Why you should be indulging!

Let's start off by agreeing that cheese is definitely a love language.  I've never met a person or a dog that didn't love it.  Sure, plenty of people have tummies that don't tolerate it (more on that subject later) but overall, the consensus on cheese is, the more the merrier!  

We are so excited to be stocking DogH (pronounced "dough") from Solutions Pet Products to bring you 4 different tasty blocks of dog friendly cheeses, which can also be enjoyed by their human owners! (wink, wink)

DOGh is an ancient Persian soft-cheese recipe made from raw milk. It is a recipe that dates back centuries. Also spelled, “Doogh,” it was originally created to help with inflammation and soothe digestion. We have modified this recipe for dogs by reducing the moisture content and adding beneficial herbs!

Fun Fact: Raw cheese and milks are actually gut friendly, unlike their heavily processed and pasteurized look alikes.  Most of the cheeses that you will find in the grocery store are ultra pasteurized (even the organic ones) When this happens, the enzymes that aid in digesting the dairy are removed by high heat processing. 

When possible, always purchase RAW dairy items to get the most health benefits! Also consider sourcing, it's paramount to ensure quality! The milk that is used to make Solutions cheeses comes from from regenerative farms where the goats are allowed outdoor or indoor access as they choose. They consume a natural diet of grasses and wildflowers… and lots of sun!  Happy cows = high quality milks and cheeses! 

Lastly, we wanted to mention that it takes almost 80 ounces of raw goat milk to yield one block of cheese! WoW!  The little block of cheese certainly packs a punch!

Don't sleep on the cheese options for your pet!  Great as toppers, trainers, or just a regular old snack! Pick from 1 of 4 options:

Anxiety cheese: helps to curb the nervous nellies

Parasite cheese: good for preventing uninvited intruders and deterring poo eaters from consuming #2

Urinary Health: flush the toxins in the urethra that contribute to bacterial overgrowth which lead to chronic infections

Inflammation: Reduce inflammation, the ROOT of all Dis-EASE!

Stop in today, and learn more about our affinity for cheese and other groovy items!