How to build a healthier bowl for your pet without breaking the bank: Swell toppers edition!

What are Toppers?

Toppers is a general term used for any food item that can be added to your pets bowl to increase palatability for picky eaters, or build a more robust bowl for optimal health and wellness. 

Who is Swell?

Swell is a woman owned and operated small business based in the PNW.  Swell originally started their business with premium hand crafted, human grade, delicious gelatos for pets! (I know they are delicious based on how excited my dog gets when I grab a cup, but I also have tasted all the flavors for myself and they didn't disappoint!)  Swell recently started making gourmet human grade food toppers using the highest qualities ingredients possible, made in small batches, and with lots of love from the owner Debbie! 

What are my options for Swell Toppers?

The toppers are sold as a 3-pack and come in these flavors:

    • Honey Glazed Carrots-  Glazing carrots with just a touch of honey and ginger makes them over the top delightful. Add a splash of coconut milk at the end just before adding the spices, let it all simmer and you have got yourself a topper that is so tasty it could be confused with dessert.
    • Veggie Cheddar Melange-  Imagine a Dutch oven slowly simmering with broccoli, zucchini and butternut squash. Just when those vegetable flavors are coming together, we fold in a dash of cheddar and top it off with just a touch of coconut milk. Sneak in some veggies but make it tasty and they will love you for it!
    • Sweet Potato Medley- Beautiful and bright colored beets and berries combine so well with the earthy sweetness of sweet potato, it’s like a match made in heaven. Really not much else is needed for this perfect blend but we are going for swell here so of course we top it off with just the right spices and that little splash of coconut milk. Life is better in bright colors and so is our food.

Each flavor is incredibly delicious and your dog's will thank you for adding this to their daily diet!

How can I use Toppers?

1. Serve warm or cold over dry, fresh, or raw food, a swell topper will created an instant gourmet meal of love.

2. A little snack.  You can spoon a couple tablespoons into an enrichment toy like a lick mat or kong. If you put it in a kong, you may need to freeze to prevent the topper from sliding out.  The consistency is like a thick baby food when defrosted.  

3. Add color to your pets bowl and remember that feeding the rainbow is not only healthy but incredibly delicious!




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