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Duck Heart Freeze Dried Dog Treats 2oz

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Time to ruffle some feathers with Houndstone's Duck Heart Freeze-Dried Dog Treats! The tastiest thing to happen to your pup since that time they figured out how to open the trash can. Crafted from 100% real duck heart, these treats are more than just a tasty snack; they're a powerhouse of nutrition. We're talking protein, vitamins, and minerals, all packed into a bite-sized morsel that your dog will go quackers for! Concerned about allergies? Say no more. These freeze dried dog treats are hypoallergenic and free from preservatives. We believe in keeping things simple and nutritious, so you won't find any artificial gunk in these treats. The freeze-dried process locks in all the natural goodness and flavor, ensuring that every bite is as fresh and wholesome as nature intended.