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From the Field Essential Oil

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From the Field Organic Catnip is grown in the best outdoor conditions, which include high elevation and a warm, dry climate. Handled with care, their catnip is no more than one year from harvest as they strive to maintain the best harvesting conditions in harmony with nature.

The Catnip Spray Rejuvenator is made from essential oil extracted from catnip buds and distilled water.

This highly concentrated catnip oil contains up to 96% of nepetalactone (the harmless chemical that entices the cat’s reaction to catnip).

Great for rejuvenating old toys!

From the Field makes all natural and holistic healthy toys for happy cats. Each cat toy is made with strong and durable hemp fiber material and filled with organic catnip.

  • Approved by Veterinarians
  • Completely biodegradable, earth friendly, pet friendly… nothing but fun!