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In Clover Flow Chews

  • $8.99

Flow is scientifically formulated to provide urinary tract support for your cat naturally and holistically! Flow’s proven recipe of natural dandelion leaf, cranberry, prebiotics, and gentle herbs are designed to work together to optimize urinary tract support!

Flow’s tasty formula works to help your cat increase his water consumption without salt, to hydrate the cat properly. This provides a nice flush of the urinary tract to maintain proper pH balance in your cat and helps keep the bladder clean!

Urinary tract support for the health of your cat is essential to their comfort and wellbeing, daily use of Flow gives the UT support they need which gives you peace of mind!

Flow’s Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Cranberry:  Well known for it’s support in urinary tract maintenance!
  • Dandelion Leaf:  Helps the cat drink proper water levels which flushes the urinary tract and keeps the bladder clean!
  • Yucca:  Helps bind ammonia in the urine naturally.   Can improve “those odors” associated with the litter box!
  • Marshmallow Root:  A neutral tasting herb that has natural soothing properties
  • Prebiotics:  Maintains a healthy balance of good bacteria!
  • Flow’s 2.1-ounce bag contains a month supply of Flow for one cat!  Flow is also available in a larger 10.5 ounce package size for multi-cat households!
  • Made in the USA