Meat Knots

Sadie’s All Natural Bison Meat Chips are a popular favorite for all dogs. Made with grass fed, free range bison meat with no grains or fillers, it is the perfect treat for dogs with allergies.

Made in the U.S.A. from natural free range, grass fed American Bison. Sadie’s All Natural dog and cat treats are one ingredient, grain, carb and gluten free – a perfect treat for your pet and safe for diabetic dogs or those with allergies.

Sadie enjoys all of the “chips” in our line. Sadie learned how to be “off leash” by being rewarded with small pieces of “chips” during our daily walks. She also learned the boundaries of our 40 acre ranch. These treats are great to take along in pocket or pouch to use “on the trail”. If you want a mixture of these “chips” already in small pieces

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