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Antelope Liver Freeze Dried Cat Treats 1.5oz

  • $12.00
Calling all connoisseur kitties and finicky felines! It's time to take a wild leap into the exotic world of gourmet dining with Houndstone's Antelope Liver Freeze Dried Cat Treats. Forget those mundane mouse morsels; it's time to indulge your cat's inner big cat with the taste of the Serengeti! These antelope liver freeze dried cat treats are so delicious, your cat might start wearing a leopard print and roaring at the neighbors. And they're not just tasty; they're packed with the natural goodness your cat needs to stay sleek, spry, and slightly snobby. Sourced from pasture-raised antelopes, these treats offer a single protein that's just the ticket for kitties with refined palates and pesky food allergies.