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Swell Gourmet Dog Food Topper - Veggie Cheddar Melange

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Swell Gourmet Dog Food Toppers

Swell Gourmet Dog Food Toppers transform your dog’s daily meal into a beautiful experience for the senses. Carefully paired wholesome ingredients are simmered, seasoned and steamed to perfection. Served warm or cold over dry, fresh, or raw food, a Swell topper will create an instant gourmet meal cooked with love

Veggie Cheddar Melange: Imagine a Dutch oven slowly simmering with broccoli, zucchini and butternut squash. Just when those vegetable flavors are coming together, we fold in a dash of cheddar and top it off with just a touch of coconut milk. Sneak in some veggies but make it tasty and they will love you for it!