NOURISH CAT Salve | 300mg - For Dry Skin, Elbows, and Paws

  • $36.00

NOURISH is an all-natural hemp salve made with simple, high quality ingredients. Designed to target dry skin and keep noses, paws and elbows moisturized. This combination of synergistic herbal remedies includes coconut oil, beeswax, vanilla extract, arnica essential oil, hemp seed oil and 300mg (per 2 oz) of our premium full-spectrum hemp oil.

Dealing with cats who suffer from dry paws, elbows, or noses? Hemp Dog Health’s NOURISH provides the ideal cat dry skin relief that your pet needs! NOURISH is an all-natural, Full Spectrum Hemp Salve comprised of organic ingredients to support a healthy, holistic lifestyle. It’s perfect for keeping your pet moisturized when they start to suffer from cat dry skin, cat dry nose, cat dry paws, sunburns, and more.

Product Size / Servings:

  • Each 2 oz jar contains 300 mg of Hemp

Product Benefits:

  • Keeps your cat’s skin moist and protected
  • Cat Hemp topical for protecting those precious paws
  • Helps with cat dry nose, cat dry paws and other dry skin on cats
  • Helps with allergies, chronic redness, and skin inflammation