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Barkin | Sheep Green Tripe Single Ingredient Dog Treat

  • $14.99
Key Features: Single Ingredient: Our lamb green tripe chews are made from 100% pure, unadulterated lamb tripe. We believe in simplicity and transparency, so you know exactly what your dog is consuming. Free Range and Grass Fed: We source our lamb from free-range, grass-fed livestock, providing a nutrient-rich and environmentally conscious treat that supports your dog's well-being. Nutrient-Packed: Lamb tripe is a nutrient powerhouse, packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and protein, contributing to your dog's overall health, immune system, and vitality. Digestible: This treat is easily digestible and perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It can also aid in promoting healthy digestion due to its natural probiotic content. Dental Benefits: The natural texture of the tripe helps to promote dental health by reducing tarter and plaque buildup as your dog chews. Ingredients 100% Lamb Green Tripe