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Solutions Pet Products Gelatin Jiggles (Bone Broth)

  • $6.50

Chicken Jiggles: Chicken Gelatin, Organic Rosehips, Organic Ginger 

Sizes - 16oz and 32oz

Fish Jiggles: Fish Gelatin, Herring, Cod Liver, Mango

Sizes - 16oz and 32oz

Pork Jiggles: Pork Gelatin, Blueberries

Sizes - 16oz and 32oz

Gelatin is healing to the digestive tract, connective tissues and organs. Our gelatin is thick with natural collagen and elastin. Gelatin also improves the absorption and utilization of proteins. Using our sustainably sourced gelatin can improve the skin, coat, joint, nail and gut health of your pet.