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the furryfolks - Hooman Nose Work Toy: Dog Bless

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the furryfolks delivers your furry friends' best friends to your doorstep Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your dog how to find hidden treats? You are in the right place. Meet the Hooman Nosework Toy! Fill the knotted hairball with tasty treats and give it to our furryfolks. The more they play with the toy, the more confident and stress-relieved they'll feel. - Cotton and Polyester - Poly filled - Squeaker - Crinkler paper DIFFICULTY ⭐ Stuff the knotted hairball with longer or bigger treats. ⭐⭐ Stuff the knotted hairball with smaller treats. CARE INSTRUCTIONS Machine wash cold with mild detergent Tumble dry low or air-dry Do not use fabric softeners Do not bleach Do not iron Do not dry-clean If the hairball is pulled or snagged, reverse the direction of the stretch slightly.