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Fresh Food for your Pets : Local Edition! 

Hi! I’m Megan, and I am a certified canine nutritionist.  I own a natural pet food store in Encinitas, CA called Pet Power Studio and I've been a holistic pet parent for 15 years.  Our mission is to empower pet parents by providing them with unbiased information about pet health and wellness so that they can make educated decisions on what’s best for their pets.  The food you feed yourself and your pets can either be medicine or slow poison.  The journey to optimal health and longevity starts with the proper fresh food diet but with so many choices, how do you go about picking the right diet for your pets?

If you’ve watched television lately or surfed the web, you’ve probably seen ads from a variety of fresh pet food companies.  It seems like new companies pop up daily.  It’s clear that fresh food is gaining major traction and big corporations are paying attention.  When I started in the pet industry, a little over 10 years ago, nobody really talked about feeding their pets a fresh food diet.  Now, companies like Farmers dog are taking out super bowl ads, and just like that, thousands of people each year will make the change to fresh food for their pets.

What’s interesting is that the concept of fresh food being healthier has been widely accepted among many human doctors and nutritionists for quite some time. We’ve learned through research that humans who consume fresh, unprocessed, and organic food tend to be healthier and live longer.  It’s not surprising that our pets, who are also mammals, would also thrive on this type of diet as well.    It turns out that eating brown heavily processed pellets (kibble) isn’t the ideal way to feed our beloved family members.  

While I am extremely happy that many people are making the shift to fresh food diets for their pets, I do have several concerns about the companies that are leading the charge.  Companies like farmers dog, ollie, and nom nom have very large corporate investment dollars backing their businesses.  Unfortunately, where there is money to be made, there are also unscrupulous and unethical businesses looking to capitalize on animal loving humans.  

We’d love for you to stop in our store and learn all about our fresh food options for your pets that are made local with limited synthetics and high quality meat.  Brands like California Dog Kitchen, which are gently cooked,  are similar to farmers dog but are actually more affordable and provide higher quality nutrition.  Buying local also has many other positive impacts such as reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your dollars in your local community.  Everytime you support a small business there is a real person in your community that does a happy dance! How awesome is that! 

We are all guilty of defaulting to convenience and affordability, which is why many small businesses, including Pet Power offer FREE same day local delivery and bulk buying discounts for those looking to upgrade their dog’s food!  

We would love nothing more than to help you navigate the world of pet nutrition and share our education so you can make the best decision possible for your pets!  Book an appointment with me using my Calendly link in bio (instagram) and I can assess your pets current health and wellness and offer advice on how you can achieve optimal health and wellness! 

You can also book an appointment by emailing megan@petpowerstudio.com



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