HEAL HORSE Oil | 10,000 mg

  • $475.00

HEAL is a proprietary full-spectrum hemp formula designed to enhance your horses endocannabinoid system and address a variety of health conditions, including pain and inflammation. This high potency hemp oil contains simple, high quality, natural ingredients including MCT-3 Oil and 10,000mg of our full spectrum hemp extract.

HEAL offers a holistic alternative that supports horses suffering from autoimmune disease, Cushing’s disease, colic, gastric ulcers, and other degenerative diseases. HEAL also promotes a more balanced function of the adrenal and pituitary glands for endocrine disorders.

Product Size / Servings: 

  • 1 mL of HEAL contains at least 83 mg of hemp
  • Each 4 oz bottle contains approximately 120 servings

Product Benefits: 

  • Promotes better mobility and higher energy
  • Provides antitumoral effects
  • Helps to reduce excessive thirst and urination
  • Helps to reduce hair loss and fragile skin