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Dogwood Collars

  • $24.00

Dogwood Collars are handmade in Denver, Colorado! They are made to order, and customized to your specific pet.

The collars are made using indestructible 550 Paracord with many color options available. The cord is strung with hand stained, naturally oiled wooden beads, so not only is each collar unique, but each bead is one of a kind as well! The whole process is odorless, and is perfectly safe for the dogs coat and skin.

The collar is a slip-on style with a martingale closure, allowing for a looser look when relaxing, and enough cinch capability to prevent wiggling out when on leash (tried and true on my 90lb squirrel fanatic)

Each collar is made with the utmost attention to detail, and with the highest quality products available. I have tested them for strength over time with general wear and tear, on pups that are swimmers, and with plenty of roughhousing.

The measurement is taken to the nearest inch around the head- under the chin, and over the crown of the head (in front of the ears).

Pricing is based on measurements:

Up to 13 inches: Small
14-17 inches: Medium
17-20 inches: Large